How to Succeed at CFCP

Be Present

  • On time and ready / 5+ min late=20 burpees
  • CHECK IN and Record Results – it does not have to be public
  • Disconnect from your phone and connect to those around you.
  • Listen to the coach

Have Integrity

  • Do not cheat yourself. Count your reps accurately. Use a whiteboard if needed.
  • Hold the standards of each movement/lift to a high level
  • Know when you need to scale (Be impressed by intensity not volume)
  • Know what RX truly means

RX= Completing the WOD with no modifications or adjustments to the reps/ weight / movement /or the lift.

Care for the Equipment

  • An empty barbell should not be dropped while changing plates
  • Barbells with less than 25lb plates shoulder never be dropped during lifts/WODS
  • Any blood, sweat or tears should be wiped off equipment after each use.
  • Keep chalk in the bucket. No need to make a trail

Trust the Program / Process

  • If you want to add extra work make sure it’s tailored towards YOUR goals.
  • Don’t cherry pick WODS.

Protect the Space

  • No children are allowed on the gym floor/equipment during the classes. The safety of the children and quality of the athletes’ training environment requires this arrangement.

Enjoy the Community!