Saturday November 3rd

The Graveyard Games is a 2 man or 2 woman Team CrossFit Competition. The event has five divisions, RX, scaled, novice, Masters RX (45+) and Masters scaled. There will be four workouts for all teams. There will be one floating workout. Video explanations and movement standards will be posted for the first three workouts. The final workout will be a surprise (don't freak out, the movements and weights will be appropriate for all levels)

Cost $130 per team. Cost goes to $150 after October 1st.

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  • “The Farmer and the Dead”
    25ft farmer Carry out and back
    3 Burpee Deadlifts
    50ft Farmer Carry out and back
    6 Burpee Deadlifts
    75ft Farmer Carry out and back
    9 Burpee Deadlifts
    12 Cal Row
    100ft Farmer Carry out and back
    Switch partners.
    RX= 70/55
    Scaled and masters RX = 55/35
    Novice and Masters Scaled 35/20


4 min to establish a 1RM Snatch
3 min to find the best time in a Handstand
RX= Squat Snatch / Freestanding HS
Scaled and Masters RX = Power or Squat Snatch / Wall HS
Novice and Masters Scaled = Power or Squat Snatch / OH DB Hold 35/20 in each hand
2 Scores = Best lift from each partner added together / Best time held from each partner added together.


“The Final Death”
3 rounds
21 Wallballs
21 Pull Ups
3 Rounds
15 1 arm alt. DB Snatches
15 T2B
3 Rounds
9 Thrusters
9 Ring Muscle Ups

RX = 20/14 MB 50/35 DB 115/75 Thruster
Scaled and Masters RX = Ring Row 14/8 MB 35/20 DB , Knee Ups for t2b / 85/55 Thruster / 9 pull ups for MU
Novice and Masters Scaled = Ring Row / 8/6 MB / 20/10lb DB / Sit Ups for t2b / 45/25 for Thruster / BF Burpee for MU